Monday, March 16, 2009

Flight #1 Completed

Hey everybody! I've made it to Amsterdam, the first leg of the journey is behind me now. Only 12 more hours of flight time left to go...Arrrgghh!!! The flight was horrible, they really crammed us in there. I checked myself into a really sweet little airport cabin called a "Yotel". It's the size of a closet but has a bed, shower, tv, free wi-fi...super cute. Anyhow, I have four hours of sleep time I've paid for so I best get to sleeping. Love & Miss you all!


Saturday, March 14, 2009


One more measly day left before I set forth on my journey to Africa. The array of emotions I'm going through are as vast as the Oceans horizon. Last night I really had a break down. It felt as if a veil was lifted and I saw the realty of what I'm about to embark upon for the first time. I had my flip out moment where I said to my husband "Is there anyway I can get out of this?" What about my favorite quote by the late Charles Filmore who said "I have the right to change my mind at anytime"...I love that quote, can't I apply it to my life right now?! I have to admit though, I am far more excited then anxious (at least in this moment anyway). I've known all my life that I would go to Africa and serve her people. I still have vivid memories of myself as a child daydreaming about this very trip...What a master manifester I was, huh! Anyhow, the time is here and I am ready...Send all your warm wishes, thought & prayers my way. Talk to you soon....


Thursday, March 12, 2009

3 more days!!!

Hey all! Who would have known that nearly one year after my internship in Texas I'd be flying off to Africa to catch some babies. I hope to blog my experience yet again... However, this time because of where I'll be I cannot promise that it'll be updated as frequently...I'll do my best though.

Catch ya in a few days!

Love, Me

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another (Suprise) Breech!!!!

Okay, so I was out for lunch today as I had the whole morning and afternoon off. I strolled around El Paso for awhile and decided to come back to the birth center at around 3:30pm. Talk about perfect timing...Right as I was walking in I saw Alison drive up and make a mad dash into the birth center, I thought it was a bit bizarre that she was running in like that and knew there had to be something interesting that either happened or was about to happened. I hurried in to find out what was happening and as I walked in I was immediately handed a lab coat and told that there was a surprise breech about to be born and they needed me to help out with appointments. The waiting room was filled with so may families that were waiting to be seen - everyone was tending to the Mama that was about to birth her breech baby. I tried to delay as best as I could and watch the birth on the monitor they have in the office - I was really bummed that I was about to miss this breech birth. I figured I would just get on with the appointments and do what I needed to do :-(

Five minutes into a prenatal visit the birth was coded!! It was music to my ears "Code one to the bear room, Code one to the bear room" That's the code we use hear at Casa when birth is imminent and the interns can observe. "Uno momento ,por favor" I said to the woman I was seeing and high tailed it out of the room as fast as I could. As I entered the birth room I could barely see that little purple bum making it's way out. With each push the baby came down more and more and within a few minutes the baby's entire butt was out. Alison, assisted with the delivery of the head. It was another beautiful & straightforward breech birth!! The baby had apgars of 7 & 9 and transitioned beautifully into the world.

Theres even more to this incredible story!! Shortly following the birth the placenta delivers. We have an amazing (and scary) Velamentous cord insertion. Check out the pics of this placenta!! For those of you that don't know what a velementous cord insertion is, these types of placentas/cord insertions can be fatal to the baby. The cord typically inserts itself into the fetal side of the Placental bed. This particular placenta the cord actually inserted and attached itself into the membranes (aka waterbag). As you can see in the pics the two arteries and one vein are both stemming off into separate directions at least a good six inches from the placental bed. Needless to say this birth was filled with surprises!!

Mom and baby and doing wonderfully and off to a great start! What an awesome experience that was!!

Well, I hope you all enjoy the pics. I said I wouldn't post again unless something exciting happened and it did :-) I need to get going as I'm 1st on tonight...Hopefully there will be more babies on my shift!

Hugs and love to you all,


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

99 hours left!!

Yes, I'm counting the hours I have left till I'm home :-) I've even already begun packing my bags today as well...Yippy! I'm so happy I remained patient and stuck it out here. I really learned some valuable skills along the way. Tomorrow I'll be doing a skills exam and will be getting checked off of on many of the skills that are required by Narm!! I'm pretty excited about that. Each step is bringing me closer to my goal.

Lately I've really been putting alot of thought into exactly what type of midwife I want to be and in which capacity I feel drawn to serve in. My dream has been to open up a birth center in the next few years serving woman both at the center and at home. However, I'm finding that I have an intense desire to do more humanitarian work in areas like Africa or possibly the Middle East. I've also been thinking alot about becoming a Naturopathic physician in addition to my CPM...It's actually something I've contemplated for years. I decided to volunteer working at the Brannick Clinic in Berwyn 1-2 a week, beginning next week. It's an incredible clinic ran by one of the most wonderful Naturipathic physicians I know (she's actually my doc). They provide care for both children and adults, including well woman care, massage, colonics, etc. Dr. Brannick was thrilled that I was interested in volunteering and has welcomed me with open arms!!

Anyhow, I miss all of you a bunch and cant wait to see you all when I get back home!! Thanks again for staying updated on my little blog while I was here. I may post again if something exciting happens but if not then this will be it. Much love to all of you...Mmmmwwaaaaa!

C-ya back in Chi-town!!


Friday, May 9, 2008

A quick update

Okay, I'm seriously wiped out! I was 1st on last night and was blessed to have five babies born on my shift...Including one frank breech!!!! Talk about exciting :-) It was the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. Vaginal Breeches are a rarity here at Casa - Well, really their a rarity everywhere except the OR room these days. It's been over a year since Casa has done a breech birth. I feel so lucky to have witnessed it (a staff midwife stepped in to deliver that baby - Not me). It saddens me to think that this Mom would have been subjected to major abdominal surgery otherwise - The birth was so straight forward and seemed so normal. The baby came out with apgars of 6 & 9 and eagerly began nursing shortly thereafter...Not bad huh! I have to say he had the purplest little butt and toted a matching purple scrotum as well...He didn't seem to mind though :-)

I've been witness to the incredible phenomenon of what I like to call "labor synchronicity" -A few moms will come in shortly after each other in labor, all at different stages, effacement, dilation & station. Within an hour of each other they're laboring almost in sync with each other and deliver minutes apart - Such was the case last night. The breech was the last one - Indeed it was the icing on the cake for us birth junkies!

I will update gain soon when I can. Right now I'm only on three hours of sleep in two days...I cant wait to go home! Seven more days now (and for sure this time :-)

Hugs & Love,

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sing it from he rooftops!! A public love note :-)

Steve, I want the world to know how much I love and appreciate you! Your strength and support through this is what has allowed me to be here right now realizing my dreams. I couldn't ask for a more tender and loving husband. Thank you for sharing in my vision and helping me reach my dream in life, I couldn't do the work that I do if it wasn't for you. There have been countless times that I've come home from a birth tired, weepy, hungry and of course, irritable and you have always been there for me. Weather it was preparing a meal for me, watching the kids so I could sleep undisturbed or just listening as I debriefed the experience from the night were there. I am eternally grateful for you & love you from the deepest part of my soul. You are what pushes me and keeps me going, chasing my dreams, never questioning my intuition. You are my best friend in the whole wide world and I'm so happy to be your wife. We are truly blessed to have each other.

Thank you for everything - Thank you for believing in me!

Your wife,